float and set near Hook


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Rang and left a message but kicking myself I didn't do "the count" impression and say ah ah ah after each number lol
Let me know if you struggle getting digs as l know a couple of places in Basingstoke that might be available . If Danny is labouring I might even jump in for a day for a bit of 2 and 1 action.

lol I will be sleeping in the van...


Were are you based rich
Chichester, but I vaguely know Hook and have SatNav :)

I'm newish to plastering (six months) and can lay on fine but the boss usually finishes (wet trowel etc) hence why I only offer to help and not take on the job! But free this weekend to labour or lay on.

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The guy posting this won't answer his f**k**g phone ghgffffff if you want to press my buttons crack on