Fishing lakes.


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Hey @Lodan pity you couldn't make it to that job. This place is a few hundred yards up the road. :burlas:

I'm not sure what this is, but he's gonna need a sh1t load of batter for it! :eek:

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f**k me that's a beast must be over 40lbs and it's a common carp. You wouldn't have been able to get any work out of me anyway if that was up the road. Hope the jobs going ok bud(y)


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Berkswell, that's the Lavender Hall fishy/maggot drowny place.

So far so good, looking forward to getting stuck into the oak work. (y)

Yeah I know it. Haven't fished there yet, but did a reccy a while back. About half hour from me.


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I wouldn't leave it too long then, HS2 is going straight through there.

One of the best spots (pegs) on the main carp pool apparently is the one right by the station platform. There are about 4 pools from what I remember, catering for all types of fishing. Really nice, family run place, a credit to the owners. Fuxk HS2 :mad: