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Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can give me some advice please.

I've just completed a one week plastering course and thoroughly enjoyed it although it was tough :)

I'm hoping to continue with plastering and I've now stripped my first wall only to find this in the corners. I think it was from previous water damage which I believe has now been sorted out.

My question is, what do I do with these? The one that looks the worst is pretty solid, no movement but do I just fill it in or do I need a builder to look at it?

Probably the same question for the other corner. I'm probably going to have to take the corner of the ceiling down too as it is all cracked and misshaped?

Apologies for the long question, I'll probably have many more in the future.




Still looks damp to me...

May be condensation.... clean it off and see what the wall looks like after...


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Cheers Danny, it's all dry and dusty so hopefully the damp has been sorted.

What about the big hole in the corner, do I dig it all out and fill it with hard wall?


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look at the water stain on the ceiling. you need to get the roof watertight first.

the cracking looks like movement to me. the plaster needs to be taken back to brickwork, a crack repair needs to be carried out . then phone a plasterer who knows what he is doing!

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You.ll also want a few more months course.
Does house have a cavitiy. If not could be a cold spot and replastering will be a waste of time with no insulation there


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Yeah thanks for your help guys, it's an old stone mid terrace. This certainly isn't a job I would be taking on, it's definitely one for the professionals.

I can't do a few months course as I am working all the time so I'll be starting with the outhouse in the yard. Gotta start somewhere.