First time on here 31 yrs a plasterer


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Welcome along , like Jess said tell us more. Your not a scaffoder as well are you?


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I was just curious why thistle unifinish was drying up on the shelves of retailers so came across this forum to find lads and ladies having issues with it failing to take to backgrounds.
First time i used this was to skim a full 3 bed bungalow with a newly erected summer room 18 months ago. This included ceilings and walls over plasterboard, fresh backing plaster, painted surfaces and bare plaster. Ive got to say it all went on a dream and never had any shelling or cats facing. The only time i used PVA was when the background was made up of diferent backing and this was just to even out the suction as it recommended


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welcome to the mad house
i,m sure oli would like a full introduction your, likes and dis likes :inocente::reloco:

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I thought there was a but coming on his post.
To be fair i.d use uni for first coat all time on artex but dont k ow where to get it not


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Welcome along nice to read the older more experienced spreads using the product too
Tbf my local bandq haven’t had it in stock but selco do so I nip there for a few bags when needed selco also do the blue gyproc fibre tape I like so I stock up on them while I’m there