First outing


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We have arrived. First thoughts are it's windy as hell and I shouldn't have eaten a maccies on the way as I now need a dump and there are toilets here but are locked

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Lol Rob hope you enjoy it mate and get something on the bank


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Dawn is a beautiful part of the day that too few people get to watch.
Have a great day Rob whether you catch owt or not.


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On the coast road between Llanddulas and Llandudno. Using ragworm. The pic is of Steve a plumber, one if the lads I'm with. Always seems to land on his feet


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Well. 6 hours are were off to pub. Only one fish caught all day. I nearly bagged one but it came off the hook less than 2 metres from me. I could see it flapping at the water surface. Overall had a top day and can't wait to get out again. Off to Chester now for a day and night on the pop . Enjoy the weekend everyone