Feeling a bit emotional

dont give up jessica, thireteen years of fun/strange customers and workmates/tales to tell,
dont have dark thoughts, think positive be happy not sad,
supermodel you are, on this forum, you keep us all going, keep us all smiling,
you have made it , from the day you joined this forum, and had the courage/strength/and ability, to be a plasterer, the most hardest of trades,
as for womens workwear, no need to look like a scruff, be tidy/presentable,
i love manuka honey and blueberries and banana on my porridge every morning,
open a good bottle of red wine, or a glass of malt whiskey, and think good thoughts,
if you are feeling emotional, ask us for advice/we all have wives and girlfreinds/ my brother has 5 daughters/totally outnumbered,
we may all be at times, ignorant/selfish/take the mick out of each other/disagree etc etc ,
but dont feel emotional, ask a question,it may not be the reply you want, but we are here to help and support each other,
think of the good things in life, guardian newspaper/radio 4/ jim morrison,eric clapton,neil young, northern soul/malt whiskey,red wine,real ale, /good health/
Danny someone's hacked Hector's account
It’s been thirteen years of hard graft. Grim and gruelling. There were times I felt like giving up.

Times I have questioned my own sanity. I’ve had dark thoughts like, “why Thor didn’t I choose a career as a supermodel?”

But I kept going. Pushed forward through muck and ceiling dust and pissing in buckets and I swear if I injure myself one more time today I’m going to run over the first bellend looking bloke on my way home!!! kind of moments……

But today, TODAY, I can finally say I MADE IT!!!!

For today I purchased Blaklader womens workwear which we all know is the trade equivalent of purchasing Gucci or some s**t!

This time next year I could be spreading Manuka honey on my toast!!!!!

So I’m cracking open a tinny and basking in my glory!


I read 13 years old

dad can I have £20
dad can I have a vape
dad can I have a lift

soon your dad will be dead my darling

then I'm sending you to jess :cool::birra:
Sorry Jess sorry. Please don't hit me again.
Hang on in there Andrew, look what happened to this poor soul.