FASSA Ki7 Issues

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never had a problem before. or know of one.

as mentioned did you leave it to cure.

is the air dry and temp above 5 degrees when you topped and for some time after?

what have you been rendering?
Soft as butter crappy wanky stuff,
Seen and heard of loads of problems,
I've pulled mesh off walls in full sheets after 3 years

Has anyone had issues with Fassa Ki7 and RX 561 Acrylic Topcoat debonding?

No but I heard a rep mention that you shouldn't float it...or the surface will be powdery.

I've always power floated and topped with primer/silicone...never had a problem.

They are recommending spat only now.
Renders are over complicated theses days...my longest lasting jobs are the good old Weber OCR with Cullamix Tyrolean...can be patched as well.