False chimney breast recess, cement board and bead type


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Hi guys,

Looking for some advice please as i've been trawliing the web for hours looking at images and im at the point where im getting a bit stress out!

I'm currently having a stove fitted. Original breast has been opened up, metal frame installed to create a false breast over the old one, and the recess has been lined with glassroc board. The whole breast will be boarded with 12mm cement board for fire regs etc.

So my question is, which type of beading should be used where the glasroc meets the cement board? I thought a flat bead. But a plaster i met said use angle bead and that the part of the bead that covers the glassroc would just be filled and faded in using filler ad this would be painted. My first though is that this would crack??

Also, if a flat bead were to be used, there is a problem because they have cut the glassroc to short. They were suppose to leave it 12mm proud of the metal so the 12mm cement board could meet it nicely to create a nice edge.

Could any please advise the best way forward. Getting a bit stressed out - been thinking about it for days. Thanks

The plasterboard off cut in the pic is representing the cement board which will cover the whole face of the breast.


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Took these pics days ago. Not at the property todays obvs, just had a spare 5 mins to post. Thanks for the help though.