Faces to names

i will but with marmite and jessop ive just lost what little respect i had for you (which was little to none:RpS_thumbup:) marmite is the food of the gods
I think if I was homeless and starving and some lovely person brought me a toastie that I bit into and tasted marmite I think I would kill the c**t!
jessop im going to wait untill your homeless and starving then just follow you around with a marmite sanga untill your so desperate that you have to eat it
ok then im gonna force the marmite sandwich down your cold dead throat:RpS_thumbsup:
Cheese & marmite on toast great snack with beer :RpS_drool:
Or breakfast or dinner or tea :RpS_love:
Suits you sir!

Are you on a night shift or something Nisus...4.40am.... or you just doing a Nigella or summat...lol
From your last post to your first post this morning was actually 3 hrs, so no doubt you'll be very tired today...lol

Pisa in the summer. May have had a few.