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Ryans asked me to let you know what i think

Firstly. its the same as their excalibur or r****a's s*p*r*lex spat. it does the same job but is an updated model.

the main selling point is the fact that you can change the blades. I was sent two thickness'. One i'm guessing is the original thickness on the excalibur and the other is thicker.

I tried it with the thicker first and it left too many lines. i had to bend the ends back slightly on my excalibur and its not so easy to do so with the thicker blade on the EZE spat so i switched to the thinner blade. I think the thicker blades will be ideal for base coat on the thin coat systems.

I was skimming a straight forward flat boarded wall so thought i'd use it for the whole process to see how it worked. similar outcome to the excalibur. I like using it for flattening 1st coat and sometimes 2nd coat just before a trowel but i'm not happy with the finish it leaves if used to finish. i think its because the blades are not 'worn in'. I have told Ryan about this and he said he will speak to the manufacturers to see if they can try making a worn in blade.

I was given the 600mm and my excalibur is the 1000mm. The new metal handle is slightly heavier but not too noticable although they do sell a 2m EZE spat which would be good for some jobs but i wouldnt fancy using it all day.

Lastly, its cheaper than the excalibur and r****a's s*p*r*lex which is always a bonus so overall its a good tool to have in the van but you always need your old faithful trowel. there will always be sceptics so buy one and try it!

oh and i must add it arrived next day as promised. well packaged and well protected
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You will always need your trowel says it in one wasted your time writing the rest then
not really gary. if you flatten between coats it is worth it for that alone. and like i said if you do thin coat render its perfect for basecoat.
Got mine today i missed it yesterday and the day before grrrrrrrrrrrrr gonna open it up in a bit and like beddy says its well packed. might give it a whirl tomorrow.
i think even if it left a perfect finish. wipped your arse and give you a fresh £50 note every day you'd still say it was **** gary
ok i think i've found a way that i like to finish with them. put on, flatten and 2nd coat with the trowel. then use the spat to finish from there on. 3 wipes over with it, using no/little water seems to leave a real nice finish. also seems a bit quicker
well i've only tried it today mate so you may get away with 2 flattens. as ive said before when using a trowel i can go over it 3-5 times including a flatten between coats.
I recently bought a refina s*p*r*lex i heard they were the best thing since sliced, i used it for a week skimming doing 3 gauges a day, i tried every variation there is but alas it nowhere better than my trowel but ive been doing some parex render and used it on the base coat and it worked a treat
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