Extreme Plastering

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The other day I was on my stilts up a ladder and I thought we should have a Plastering X games!
Stilts on ladders is a start and also when I'd laid on a ceiling and Dany had to switch off the electrics leaving me to trowel in up a ladder in the dark was fun!

Any other suggestions for Extreme Plastering Games?


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I climbed out of a sky light the other day onto the roof of the house i was working in. I took up there with me all my wastage plaster which i rolled up into balls for amunition. Like a sniper I waited for all the lads on site to go in and out of the house and pelted them with plaster from above, it took them half an hour to realise where the plaster was coming from. It was quite a giggle. I got a local too, bonus points!! ;D
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