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hello,, been skimming for about 4 years now and ive starting to dabble in a bit of rendering and ive a few questions to ask the experts,, ive done a few small brezze block walls, flat and tyrolen so far...

do i need to use admixture,, or can i use hydrated lime as plastersizer.. does every1 use plastersizer/waterproofer..
and is using lime a must when using cement based render?

when using a feather edge to rule off,, does it matter if there are holes or feather edge marks on the render before it is rubbed up with a float?

if any1 has any pictures of flat render after its been ruled off and before its floated id really appriciate it thank.

also does every 1 use screeds?

thanks chris
Are you 'Thee' christ? as in jesus.

after you rule straight u can close the surface with a spat or trowel but the float will do most of the finishing. I dont know anyone who uses plumb screeds, there is no time for that in the real world but I bet there is someone on here who does and they will be along shortly giving u the low down
Yeah i do some times but only on scratch maybe on stone work which is miles out and needs dubbing or S&Cthat is not finished but has to take something else.Antiques road show right now guy bought watch for £1500 valued at£10000, better than plastering
water proofer in scratch coat.hydrated lime on top coat.never use screeds altough if your a novice it might be worth while as will the addition of fibres in top coat
should also add that lime does not work well with addmixtures . and try keep ur scratch coat as neat as possible this will help you when you stick on ur top coat
yep good advice,get your scratch coat as flat as poss it makes like easier,and dont mix any admixtures when using lime.
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