External Rendered Wall - Drip Protection Question


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Hello All,

i have an external garden wall that has been rendered which will have a coping stone on top. I am looking to reduce the size of the coping stone in order for the overhang to be minimal. Currently there is a proposed drip groove which will add 25mm to the left side. i was thinking to remove his drip groove, therefore reduce the extension but add an L Shape Trim like this one: L Shape Tile Trim

Do you guys think this will act like a Drip groove and provide sufficient protection for the rendered wall?

Thanks in advance

Wall details.jpg
Garden walls are always a problem. You do need a proper drip on the coping stone to try to protect the render. Any other idea I think that the render will fail.
Not a bad idea that, especially on the joints of the copings even with a good overhang these are the points where it usually runs down and stains the wall