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hi lads,

im doing a job here in brighton, hacked off defective render, brickwork is in good condition, gave it a coat of rend-aid.
I want to double check on ratios.
is 4-1 washed sand, cement, then 5-1 washed sand, cement, then 1 lime, making it 6-1, with a little water-proofer in top coat, the way to go?
don't want any cracking issues. not a big job, but don't want any come backs from it.
going to have to do it myself, as cant get a spread here.


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I would be doing 5:1 scratch coat with a water proofer then 6 sand 1 cement 1 lime with Feb plastisizer top coat. Let the scratch cure well first.

Dont know about going onto rendaid though. More of a Weber system you are doing old fashioned traditional.
If you're going to rend aid it, I would put some nylon mesh in to that, and then OCR it, its less hassle than getting a cement mixer, a pile of sand, giving it a scratch coat, waiting for it to cure, then giving it a second coat of s+c!


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You can go over the rend-aid with sand and cement no problem. If you want you can put mesh in the scratch coat. Put a pass on,trowel the mesh in then another lick of scratch over the mesh, just make sure it's wet on wet and that you have no mesh showing. Let it cure and top!


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That brickwork looks fine.

Don't bother fully meshing. I'd put glass fibre mesh embedded in scratch above below windows.

5-1 sand/cement with integral waterproofer - scratch coat
5-1-1 sand/cement/hydrated lime - top coat

Best to use OCR, if not do traditional mix as above make sure you get good quality rendering sand!
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