External micro cement sealers


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Hi everyone. I’ve been a long time member but this is my first post.
I did some microcement training with a company in Italy a few years ago and have used their products at my property both inside and out. The training was good but I’ve had a few issues with their water based sealer which is designed for internal and external use.
Internally the sealer appears to have yellowed in various patches (light sanding removes the marks but they can’t be cleaned off). They have suggested it wasn’t applied properly.
Externally water has penetrated the microcement and seeped through so in periods of heavy rain I get dark spots on the surface. It’s very similar to what was described in the thread about damp in a micro cement shower where it seemed the consensus was not to use water based dealers in wet areas.
What recommendations do people have for external sealers based on their performance over a few years? Or do they all need to be reapplied regularly? My external surface was done last May but I’m certain had some damp ingress within a few months.


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Hi Pete,

If you want to give me a call tomorrow mate on 07719330726 I would be more than happy to discuss.




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Sounds like the sealer doesn't have UV stability mate. A lot of sealers don't. All PU sealers are plastic in effect and can't have UVstability