external lath porch sofit

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hi after any advice/views on:

been asked to patch up sparks holes in 2sqm old painted plaster lath external soffit

already lost money as tagged onto other work, so first reaction was 'polyfilla' !

thinking slightly more sensibly and cheap: nail exmet over whole area and sand cement render or rip down fix renderboard then sand cement ?
all seems ott for a few holes ?



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Hi Mate

if they want the job doing properly, best to take the existing down and use render board (like Knauf Aquapanel Exterior - available in smaller 1200 x 900 boards for lighter boards for soffits) and then thin coat basecoat and mesh, smoothed and painted.

I am not a spread - but expamet and wet S&C on a soffit sounds like a nightmare!

Good Luck

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