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I'm a new member

I am doing a plastering course at gold trowel (Essex) starting September, but I basically just want a week practice/experience of what the jobs like ect
I'm willing to work for free as well so free labour for anybody.
I'm also in the Kent area
Cheers mate anybody else on here done a course at the same centre??
Me and my mate was gonna go to gold trowel and pretend we knew nothing then last day smash it out like we're on price :)
Love CBD
What have you worked as up to the point where you decided to get into plastering ?
I was a chippy a few years back, and basically worked doing labouring


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Good look mate and fairplay to you for wanting to better yourself and even offering free labour to learn. Its attitude like that you cannot teach!! Fingers crossed you get a chance. Great set of lads on here and a good few local to you. Lets us all knowhow you get on??


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Good to see a lad with the right attitude.They are as rare as hens teeth.
Love CBD
Cheers mate tried messaging him but it wouldn't go through. But basically @Curry
I'm in the Canterbury area just after a bit of experience even if it's for a day of two
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