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Royal Spin Doctor
Hi Guys.

First post, so be nice.

I'm looking for some experience/improvement time. Willing to work for nowt/very cheap.

I have my own tools and am capable of taking on my own jobs, including for jobbing builders, but I'd definitely benefit from working with/for a proper plasterer for a while.

Any takers? Or suggestions?




Royal Spin Doctor
To anyone else who's posted along these lines - I see there's a few.

I ended up making 6 phone calls.

2 flat out rebuffs - not interested in none of that.
1 fella who wasn't hostile to the idea but felt a bit too put on the spot to yay or nay anything immediately.
1 fella who gave me a start but was more interested in the freebie than anything.
1 call to a painter and decorator who was listed as a plasterer.
And finally, one to a fella exactly on my wavelength who asked what I can already do and has said that he'll pay me what I'm worth - if it's learning, probably f**k all but if it's stuff I can already do to a proper standard, then he'll pay for it.


That wasn't so hard.
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