ex-soldier wanting to become a plasterer

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cheers only looked on google forminimum temp for sand/cerement rendering ended up reading threads forabout 4 hours im just trying to be honest to help him out.


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Well we've finishrd our 2 weeks in Syria so now we're fully qualified soldiers (NVQ2). We'd like to thank Warrior for picking us up in his helicopter while he was on his way to brick effect wallcrete the shitty one of the pyramids in Egypt. Nisus was particularly impressed with the view of the sand from the air, he reckoned the wind combed a beautiful texture in it. Flynny is now the proud holder of an advanced camel riding licence. Warrior is gonna go back for JJ when he gets a bigger chopper. Right, anyone for tennis ?


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Yes what an experience that was, now all proud members of a military nvq2's :RpS_thumbup:
Think I dropped my new cscs military card as I jumped into the chopper though ffs :-0
Don't worry JJ will be fine till the chinook arrives, he'll be able to survive on camel burgers. :RpS_wink:

I'll upload pics when I get chance.


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i think u should go on the course ive been on two short courses n learnt enough to skim walls which is enough to get u started jst start with small jobs first to build ur confidence up and get a bit of experiance dnt go straight into a big job like i did i took on a whole house on my own then had to get a m8 to help me because it was taking me too long who


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3 weeks to get a trade what a ******* joke, i had to serve a 5 year apprenticeship to get mine and the 1st year of i only ever picked up a steel to help trowel up a bit most of that 1st year i was mixing and humping ,i nearly jacked it in after 6 months but was persuded to to stay on as was told i was showing good potental and also told how the **** can you lay it on if you can`t mix it properly . as has been said above your best bet would be to get on with a tidy gang and mix for them for 12 months ,all your going to learn on a 3 week course is to get your material off the hawk and put in on the wall and trust me it will look rubbish and most of it will be on the floor at the base of the wall, there is far to many ******* idiots who think they are master plasterers after a few weeks fannying about on these courses.
the site rates are so rubbish because of these stupid courses that promise qualifications after a few weeks .
a lot of my work comes to me after they have taken the cheapest quotes only to find that the winner of the quotes ain`t got a ******* clue what they are doing , we price the jobs to do them properly and are usually told that so and so can do it for half that ,our response is well you best get so and so to do it then and then wait for the contactor to ring us up to go and put it right
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