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Andy M

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Seen a clip a bit back Spunky,and they look the dogs. I bloody hate scraping back its proper boring.


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I have one with sponge attachments but would never have the balls to use it for scraping as it does have a tendency to go where it wants at times, and I could imagine it digging the mono out badly plus its not a light bit of kit you will soon get arm ache. I have a vid somewhere sponging up s&c which by the way crazed so only use it on ocr now. Ill see if I can post it.


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I have a Filzomat with a scraper but never had to use it. I should imagine in a worse case scenario it would be handy to initially break its back and open up the surface to then leave a bit for the I section.

great bit of kit to have the Filzomat on flat rendered walls.


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Nice on MP 75 although a little unnecessary. Cpi and ocr the float and sponge work well. Scraper is good on mono too. Just have to be a little carefull. It can bite and take a lump out. But it does work well. And apparently it's good on base coat too
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