Easy fill kept in a bucket


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hi everyone, new to this forum, so Hi!
im a keen DIYer and I’d like to know if anyone has any advice on how to make easy fill up and then keep it in a bucket. I’m using Siniat Smartmix just now but it gets expensive so was wondering if I can make up the same with easy fill powder and use it anytime I want In a tub.
open to ideas?
Store it in a bucket and then make it up in small batches....

its a chemical set so you cant pre make it and store it
Easifill is just as expensive as Smartmix. Use BG joint fillet for first coat, and finish with Smartmix (2 coats)
The green lid fill and finish is like flint when it sets
Only used blue. And that's only because we were doing a house where ceilings rolled in to walls . So builder bought some as I said there's no chance I.ll get all this on in a oner