East London plastering job

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Shortly after moving into my newly plastered, newly purchased flat a small crack developed in a wall. 6 years on this crack goes the entire length of the wall, is quite deep at places and the plaster has fallen off around it or is gaping around it. It looks pretty bad...
I think it's time I got it sorted! I have joined this forum for 2 reasons - I want a good job done and I don't want to get ripped off.
If you would like to give me a quote please get in touch.
Bubbles is right - it's not a crack, it's a crevice! (seriously). It would take more than a few tubs of filler to sort it out...
sounds like subsidence to me so what i would do is cut a bit of glass 1 inch deep and wide enough to extend onto the plaster either side of the crack... stick the glass on with 2 part epoxy resin... and just wait... if the glass cracks... you have some type of movement and needs serious checking out... ps you could do a tempory fill the crack before you stick the glass on just for asthetics
I saw that in Machynlydd in wales, they had glass pads on the stonework, pretty good way of seeing if you have got subsidence i thought
eml? blockwork? seriously, this is a foreign language to me! it's a horizontal crack/crevice and I don't think it's subsidence, but hey, I'm a girl, what do I know :).
think I'll give the Irish man a call...
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