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mark ross

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Can any one advise on how to dowload pictures to the forum that are greater than the predetermined memory allowance.

Most of the pictures we have are on average 3 to 6Mb in size.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



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Or turn the resolution down on your camera, if they are only ever going to be put on websites and forums, then there really isd no need for the hi res. You are just creating a job that dont need to be done.

Why take a high-res pic if your just going to downsample it?
to be honest..... I would prefer it to go to an offline service like photo bucket.

The server costs for this site are huge and every photo that gets uploaded takes up space....



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Dan, me mate is working in a site at the mo that can host loads of stuff but he relies on LPd's for his revenue. When he gets it up and running (if lol ) I'll get back to you
just this one and my buggy one.....

The buggy one is pretty quiet as the manufacturer of the buggy we have went
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