Door Frames Without Architraves

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This thread now has a name 'Door Frames Without Architraves'. I'm searching for an EASY way to install pivot doors in square-set plaster work. The detail I'm trying to achieve is shown in the attached photo.



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Looks s**t in my opinion tbh, but different strokes for different folks i suppose. Just means a beading match too to make it look like anything.
'Door Frames Without Architraves'. I know only one product in one size to make pivot door frames EASY. 'Trimtex' have just one PVC product. It's for 90mm walls. See attached image. Are there any other PVC products that do the same thing for different wall thicknesses? Using two external angles gives you a non-durable plaster door reveal lining and twice as much work. From - Howard - Canberra - Australia


'Door Frames Without Architraves'. I suspect this will be my 'Last Post'. There is obviously a cheap frame opportunity for a manufacturer with a bit of get-up-and-go. If you are keen, let me know. Please click on the attached. It may be of interest. Howard Styles - architect - Canberra
'Door Frames Without Architraves' There are different ways of using the square-set plaster which makes the work of plasterers a little more interesting. I'm still looking for a UK version of this type of frame details to get to this detail easily. Howard Styles - Canberra - Australia



yeah I am not convinced to be honest