Dodgy level


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As mentioned mine are horribly out of whack (putting in door frames) by a good ten mm, nightmare now in going to invest in a decent set in looking at the stabila r type but I've seen hultafors mst 1800 is meant to be great but it's 180£ now I don't mind spending it but it's there any difference any one got any experience with digital levels in doing more and more higher end work hence they need to be bob on..... Also at least this ain't a trowel or machine post, any advice (setious) appreciated bummers xxxxxx
My eyes are rubbish lol
I managed to kill my 6ft fatmax which really pissed me off. To try and save a few quid I bought one of them new Draper Expert Opti Vision levels. 6ft for £50! Built like the Stabila R. Good so far but surely it won't last years for that price.
If it has to be spot on I use the dewalt laser and keep it straight with any long level .
I find the 6' levels lose the bubble very quick
I got fatmax too. Most of the jobs I'm on these days I just do by eye though, use a level and they'd look shite.
I remember having my first 6 foot stabila around 20 odd years ago and all the lads taking the piss, within a year they all had one too. Also had a 3 metre one from refina which was useful when I used to float out jobs but don't do it now so it became a straight edge when dabbing!