DIY'er keen to learn

Hi Guys,

My name is Lee, just in the middle of a house renovation, i pretty much do everything myself, electrics, plumbing, tiling, also tried plastering. Plastering was by far the most difficult DIY thing I have ever done but with an entire house to do I am keen to crack it. Hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction.


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If uv not really done it before mate, there is no tips on here o make u good at it, takes practice and more practice, but good luck. If ur reskimming, make sure and prep well and dont take on big areas til u can handle small areas. Start on small areas not seen, hotpresses cupboardd etc til u think u can get the hang of it. Try and stick to a wall at a tine,coat as tidily and even as u can so as no ribs in it which if i dont get ovet them in time will dry as waves. Keep angles clean. Fill all holes/misses as u go, ideally in first pass to minimize fat marks. Good luck, bad plastering is awful but good plastering can almost gone unnoticed


Get the wall covered then let it pick up then flatten


A diy'er will always want to have a go....

The best diy'er out there are plasterers as we have an eye for detail


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Keep blade of trowel as flat/less angle as possible first 2 passes, take as little back off as possible, then increase it to finish wall and get nice finish to it.
Prep is the most important thing mate just remember Prep

P - prepare all the surfaces

R - ring a plasterer

E - eye told you so

P - Plastering isn’t easy