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Does anyone know if the dewalt 54v mixer batteries will fit in this or do you need smaller ones?


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Cheers mate

So, that seems to imply DCR021 = no Flexvolt, but DCR029 = yes...

"DeWalt DCR029 FlexVolt Radio is the only full size radio to accept XR FLEXVOLT battery enabling system compatibility."

Although this blog post says DCR027 also accepts Flexvolt:

Pricewise, DCR011 (if it's still available) might be closest Flexvolt alternative to the DCR021, but it's only a bluetooth speaker, so would need a smartphone or MP3 player connected to it.
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Steve Brown

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I’ve got one never tried a flex volt battery but works with 10.8,14.4 &18v so no reason a flex volt shouldn’t .
Nice small radio but I’ve had problems with control panel buttons stop working on occasion.
Was fixed under warranty but then happened again after it ran out. Sorted it myself by taking it apart cleaning it securing screws on control panel then putting back together. Fingers crossed it’s still working.
If I was buying a new radio I’d swerve it and get another, mates got a little festool one there really good.