Dewalt quad fast charger


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Sick of them single chargers/ batteries dead when you need one .
This should hopefully make it a little easier .

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Have you got THE mixer?

I know Metabo/Collomix, Rubi, etc. offer cordless mixers, but it's odd that DeWalt seem to have the cordless mixer market pretty much sewn-up (for spreads, at least). Unusual to see so little serious competition in a tool segment. Most cordless segments are flooded with competing machines, duking it out for supremacy. For example, maybe Makita feel that 36v (or 2x 18v) isn't enough to beat DeWalt's 54v platform?

Never tried a cordless mixer, so I don't have a personal bias about it (I do use 18v DeWalt, but that's irrelevant as I couldn't use my batteries with their mixer, anyway).