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Hello just thought i would ask you guys some advice.working on house at the mo and the pebble dash has gone bald lol but the backing is hard as concrete so what my plan was scrape remaining stones off, plasprime x or sbr slurry and apply further coat and dash into this sound any good? Would you have a scratch coat again or just put one more coat on cheers for reading


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Sounds fine as long as it's flat-ish, I wouldn't bother with another scratch but you really want to be sure that you've killed the suction quite well as not everyone puts waterproofer in their top coat. Maybe an sbr/water followed by microgobetis.


Webber do a nice overcoat dash receiver its very nice to use and only 6 quid a bag , but your way would be fine but I would put a tight scratch over it 1st
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