Damp & Salt in Wall


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I have recently bought a house and one of the walls had decaying plaster & paint. It looks like the wall was previously damp and has salts in the wall. It still has some damp but i think they took care of the major issue although i think that some might be coming down from the old wooden windows so i will get this sorted soon. I was advised that i should go back to the stone so i have taken off the plaster and render ready for it to be re rendered/plastered. There are still some parts that have what looks like a previous treatment on the stone or a thin layer of render (see pictures) and i'm hoping i can leave this on and just go over it but let me know if not. I have read about things you can paint on but i don't think this would work as there are a few places where the pointing is gone and there is a bit of a void so i was thinking about some type of render with a damp and salt inhibitor in it. I just wanted to get some opinions of what product(s) would be good to use for this to ensure there are no issues with damp or salts.




Thanks in advance