Damp or condensation


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Hi guys
I need some advice this wall has being doing this now for nearly 2 years never goes away , my local council are saying it’s condensation I’m unsure the bedroom stinks and the smell has now gone onto the carpet (bedroom 1) I’m also attaching a pic of my sons bedroom we had a real bad problem with fifteen and black walls we had it thermal boarded an plasters but the problems come bk , just asking for advice as I have absolutely no idea if it’s damp or condensation


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Is that underground as in a basement? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that bad in a inhabited house before. Have you got any air bricks at all? Do you open windows? It doesn’t look like condensation to me as I can’t see any where it’s run down the walls. What’s the ceiling like?


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Seen this before, ironically in my own old place when I moved out and left the kids (20+) in it. It was caused by condensation in cool or unheated rooms upstairs due to insufficent/uneven heating, and cooking and washing downstais with all the doors open but not the windows. Different folks in there now and the problem has gone, central heating is on thru out and doors generally kept closed.
One other possible - if this is first floor then a breach of the cavity at the bottom of any form of external cladding.


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you have got to get rid of the mould it gives off spores that will cause illness. you can purchase mould remover from a supermarket.
get the wallpaper off, clean the mould off. turn the heat up and open the windows to get some airflow. keep furniture away from the walls.


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Black spore generally comes from condensation, hot meeting cold. All these pictures will be external walls. Keep the rooms warm and well ventilated. Radiators should be used for warming the house not drying clothes or warming the backs of sofas. The outside will need some treatment to no doubt.


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often they go hand in hand so a leaky gutter above makes parts of the wall cold and high internal humidity settled on the cold areas - it doesn't have to be dripping on the wall just humid and moist.
Scarping mold is just a temporary solution.

need more details. what kind of construction? Cavity if so what's in the cavity. Full of insulation? rubble muck.
What is the ground level like outside. What rainwater goods are in the vicinity. Any blocked drains.
What ventilation do you have? If the moisture from the kitchen has no where to go it will settle in the coldest rooms


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@Zoeharry If the council told you 2 years ago that it was condensation you may not want to hear the same thing from us, but you've got some solid advice now to work on, so it's time to bite the bullet and change things. Good Luck.

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@Zoeharry If the council told you 2 years ago that it was condensation you may not want to hear the same thing from us, but you've got some solid advice now to work on, so it's time to bite the bullet and change things. Good Luck.

All council houses nearvus have beed insulated


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Had the same problem in my house im in now in my sons bedroom end terrace both external walls sopping in condensation in the winter months i took the walls back to bare brick anyway as they was rotten the walls were bone dry so I knew it was down to condensation no leaks anywhere I had all the guttering cleaned out I solved the problem with a £250 ebac dehumidifier I just put it outside his door and it controls and brings the humidity down the only bit of condensation he gets is on his windows now and it isn't that much