Damp basement - solution?


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I have a house built on a hill, where the bottom floor is built into the hillside. So the back wall is a retaining wall (as are the sides, to a degree) whereas the front isn’t.

The people who renovated the basement before us got around any damp issues by building a stud wall 3 inches away from the retaining wall and adding 2 PIV fans to keep air moving through and preventing mould etc.

However, to prevent a mouldy/stale smell we’ve always had to have a dehumidifier on permanently. Also, when the flooring guys ripped up the carpet to replace it, the floor was damp.

Now, one of the PIV fans has broken and damp spots have begun to appear on one of the side walls. I’m looking to get the issue resolved properly and am looking at ripping out the stud wall, and tanking.

I’ve no experience with this, and assumed that tanking was a plastic membrane until I read about the cementicious alternatives here.

I’m looking to get a local builder to complete the project, but to ensure I get a correct solution from a builder, I’d like to get some ideas if a correct approach if possible

Can anybody suggest a good solution for this type of problem?

Thanks in advance!