damn it

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Well today I had the phone call from my site bosses saying that the job is finished and there is no more work!!!

Happy, only 10 months before it was due to end, so I am on the prowel for some skimming work in my area of MK or london so anybody see anything let me know.

I am taking donations..... lol (times not that tough yet)



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damm sorry to here that mate :(
crap to have solid work and for it to end just like that without warning!!

good luck sorcing more work.



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Dont be worrying yourself Danny. Same thing happend me i was on a site for two years solid more or less on same site all the time.Same thing ,they just stopped building panic stations.What was i going to do? :'(Things looking up now though the phone strarting to ring again,there always people needing plastering done mate,These things are sent to try us! All the best. ;)


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I know how you feel mate! I`m after same sort of work and i dont have your level of time served experience although i am a competant plasterer, without CSCS card and NVQ etc very hard to get so i am definately setting about getting these when i can afford time and cash! You would think with so called skill shortages in this country the government would be more pro active in helping people like us in maximising our potential and achieving these but unless you are under such an age or unemployed you have to be penalised! :mad: Domestic work is excellent but when you get quiet period... :-/


property developers usually lookin for a good spread but be prepared to drop your prices for a little while, just while youre quiet..


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have tools, will travel!
always work for a good man!

hope ya find something soon - i always used to find that something comes out of the blue

good luck

I have a few dom's booked in for next week so its not bad, It was nice however on site not to have to go quoting and basically tossing the days off.

I have some graphics on order for the van so I should hopefully get some more work.

I always land on my feet anyhow

Thanks for all the morale boosters

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