Damaged Sand & Cement Repair Questions

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The freeholders of my flat have installed new windows and doors, however the plaster was damaged during installation. Long story short, it will take a month+ to repair. As we want to sell, I'm considering fixing it myself.

The flat, built in the early 90s, appears to have sand and cement plaster directly on the concrete walls.

I am wondering what is the best way to go about fixing this, and I have a number of questions.

1. Do I just remove damaged plaster and patch with one coat of sand and cement?
2. If so, what mix should I use? I believe it will be plastering sand, general purpose cement, and lime?
3. When the plaster dries will it shrink? If so, should the repaired sit slightly proud of the original plaster?
4. Do I need to apply bonding to damaged plaster? Can diluted PVA be used? If so, what is the ratio and how to apply it?
5. As the door is 40mm further out, there's a large gap hidden by trim. I might fill it while repairing the damaged plaster. Is bonding needed for plastering on the exposed brick? If yes, which one?



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The plaster systems used to create the desired finish during construction does not have to be replicated to repair small damage.
You can bung nearly anything in those patches and when dry fill sand paint.
Better off looking up some YouTube decorating videos m8
Leave the plastic trim beside the door alone. It may covering a hole if there is no cavity closer.