Dabbing with foam


Hi guys .. been advised to stick some foil back boards on with foam ashesive ... never used it before ... any tips advice would be much appreciated.. i have read the earlier posts on this topic some are couple years ago ... just wandered if it has moved on atall... cheers


Some sort of grip fill foam type stuff .. a few on the market ... was told not to use normal dry wall adhesive as it could draw damp from the wall ????


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I used foam to dab boards on the other week. It's s**t unless you put the exact same amount on round the board it throws the board out. wouldn't be keen dabbing foil boards even tho the foam is proper sticky. was scrubbing my hands for about a week before I got it off
I went to a job where the builder had used the foam to dab the walls... was nightmare... boards everywhere


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Dabbing boards on with foam lol..like zombie said build a tin wall or sumat in front of brick wall..y have u got to use foil backed boards? Ive never come across having to use foil back boards on a brick wall only ever used them on ceilings or stud walls


foil back boards are to be fixed only to timber or metal studs which elimates cold bridging and acts as a moisture barrier.who specified this


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