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So I updated my CSCS exam yesterday - talk about strict, thought I was being interviewed by the secret service!!

Hoodies off, watch off, everything out your pockets, I was down to my undercrackers by the time I sat the test....anyone else found the same?


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yeah when i done mine it was the same as yours,, everything locked in a locker, even the case for my reading glasses,, cctv on you and a person watching your every move,, wouldnt mind but who the f,,k would have to cheat to pass that


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Failed mine the first six times ,, because I'm anorexic ,have to do it this year sometime again..
The lad who was told to remove his hoodie basically had a string vest type thing on underneath and clearly didn't think he'd be sitting in the CSCS testing area with just that on! His face was total shock and horror sitting there with his anaemic body on show...
I was asked for mine within half a day on site last week, within my be fair that's why I took it....I'm fooked if I want to do that everyday my private jobs and cups of coffee way to much!


I am going to renew mine this year so I can get on site and see people for Plasterers News


lol I can.... but I will try and see if I can get my plasterers card :) Chance it maybe :-\
I would just do the test I had to renew my gold card last week just got the cscs operatives app on my iPhone it was only £5 I done a couple of mock before my test it cost £17.50 for the test they took my picture in the test centre before my test then all I had to do was phone up cscs and pay £30 for my new card job done
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