Cromar Orange grit any good??

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Recently purchased a tub of cromar orange grit for a small kitchen reskim wondering if it's any use and does it need 24 hours to dry
"Apply one coat, using either brush or roller, and leave to dry thoroughly for a minimum of 24
hours prior to plastering."

That'll be a 'Yes', then.

You're not the first person to want to grit and plaster the same day, but it's not wise.

PVA, yes.

Grit, no.
Cheers seen that just wasn't sure whether or not it would be longer as have seen people complaining of how wet it is thought perhaps would take over the 24hr mark
Recently purchased some eggs, some are brown, going to have one for breakfast.
Wondering how do I boil it? Don't what to take a chance and get it wrong.
Get water bubbling
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Butter toast
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