Crocodile Skin


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fairplay.ive got a croc roller I orederd from states havnt used it much yet other than a little sample on some micro but think it will go a lot easier in venetian as it pulls in a lot quicker on micro.ive never tried graesans stuff but seen lots of vids and finishes look good.


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Theres only a few venetian suppliers out here in aus I've only just gotten into it and the croc skin was my first go at home. to be honest it was pretty easy. I'm getting some more stuff to try next week they have a concrete finish that can be used outside and ill get more croc gear as a few mate have decided they want a wall done ...


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Cheers guys i want to try one as a bed head with marble background maybe a blood red wall with croc skin band through it ...


Hi Danny was a roller, 1 coat plaster let it dry then 2nd coat bit thicker and roll it in :frenetico:
Ah I have seen those rollers :D

I like crocodiles quite a bit so I love this :D Wonder if the wife will let me.... hmmmmm