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Hello chaps,

I am on a job in beaconsfield skimming a £2million house and to be honest its shocking, the boardwork is unbeleivable anyway.

How do you guys crisp up the edges, in the loft space the walls are all odd angles so not just an easy 90 degree.

I have got them some where near but not that good.



Use a 3mm stop bead instead of trying to get them spot on with your trowel, dab the bead on and line it in as tight as possible, allow to set and skim to that.

all internal corners, externals would be angle beaded.

So you would put a skim stop into the internal corner? sorry I am a little bit confused.

The job is coming together lovely now should be finished by the end of the week.



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danny have you ever seen the black rubber blades they are perfect for the type of angles your trying to achive.
they look a bit like somthing you would use in the garden to tidy up the edges of the garden :)
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