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ive lost count of the amount of times ive turned up at a job and theres something small extra to do but ill do it because i want paying and it gives a good impression, leave a good impression get repeat business and make money up on the next job, no point cutting your nose off to spite your face is there, as long as its a small thing extra like takeing some bricks off a windowsil and not knocking down a wall haha.
i have just re read your OP and from what i understand the dado was the extra which you did but the bricks were what you quoted for and you left them, so yes if anything with court happens it wnt be alot if anything but you have been a bit of a dick leaving the job at the end of the day dado takes 5 seconds to take off thus small extra not even worth complaining about but the bricks was your job and you left it, if it was me who owned the house i would have the hump with ya aswell and you never know if you had percevered you might have got a drink out of him to say thanks for takeing the extra work on for him, i usually get a drink if i take on a small extra people appretciate it, and if i dnt i know ive left a good job gone above and beyond left a good impression and should get a recomendation or repeat busniess, which in the domestic trade thats what its all about, your name is everything.
give him a call and explain the situation see if you can make a mends and complete the job dnt go bum licking to him say he was out of order for adding the extras but you did it and would like to complete the job now, see what he says, he can only say no and if he does you havent really lost anything cos you think hes a dick anyway, but it might just help stop him slateing your work to everyone he knows:RpS_wink:
the blokes prob been down the pub telling everyone how much of a baby you are for getting the dog on because the bricks were a little bit harder that expected
exactly my point hes been talking to mr A down the pub he talks to mr B who passes on word to his mate mr C and so forth, just pays to be cautious with the public word can spread like wild fire, which is why i would give him a bell and try to explain the situation and finish the job
Send him some flowers and a small box of chocs (he might be watching his weight) with a note of apology. Maybe even tell him you loved him since the first time your eyes met.
if he rang him up hed prob laugh at him and tell him to fnckoff you useless terwat
all he has to say is he added extra work which gave him the hump but he still did the extra work, i know it wnt end up goin to court but i know what id rather do take a hit on my reputation and hope word doesnt get around to much or try and resolve the situation, fcuk me thier only bricks on a windowsil how hard can they be to get off nothing a hammer and boulster cnt handle, but everyone else would obv rather take the hit on the rep. and theres no harm in trying to finish a job get ya money and stop bad word getting about town
get a decent hammer then
The ammount of "while your here "little jobs will never stop.people will always want something for nothing its human nature everyone wants a deal.its little things like this that go your way in the end.great plasterer an so easy to talk to!lol
i dont mind the "while your here little jobs" as these can really go a long way with customers, but its all the jobs that take a day or 2 that i get asked to do that pisses me off, and the way they look at you like your some thieving **** because you have asked for money, even though i always quote very very clearly, using bullet points to outline every task im quoting to undertake, seems over the top most the time, but i find it neccassery due to the amount of wankers out there, and my quotes state clearly that any additional or unforseen work is chargable, along with carriage of goods and waste, people seem to think its ok to cancel the delivery of tiles bathroom suites etc to save money , and thats its ok for me to take time out my working day to pick their s**t up for free ,
just completed a bathroom refurb not long back, and the woman was a complete bitch, i would love a voodoo doll and stick pins in the s**t all day long, i hate the s**t, but always stayed proffessional with her, she tried to get me to move the toilet from one end of the bathroom to the other , replace her cast iron stack to plastic, move the basin over a meter, and a 2nd towell rad, amongst other things all for free, and chuck materials in for free ontop, and even though i outlined the quote in writing she was still trying to argue that it was included, all she did was moan and change her mind, should have took me 2 weeks to refurb bathroom, i was there for nearly 4 weeks , some of the extra work i made her pay for, some i done for free, mainly just to shut her fat gob up so i could finish job get paid and leave, she had decorators and sparkies working on her house and they all walked off the job because of how much of a fuckwit cow she was . i would rather complete the job and leave the customer happy, even if its at my cost, needless to say i made my exscuses when it came to me refurbing her kitchen
to be honest, to walk off the job because you cant remove a few bricks is pathetic , i would be embarasseed to even turn back up there, especially as you quoted for it, my advice, put your tools on ebay and find a different game to get into, flower arranging maybe?
Me too apart from when the bottom/top has been reskimmed a few times more Thant the other and you have to **** about trying to make it right.

90% of the time it's just a case of taking the lips off and feathering out with bonding. Whereas knocking bricks off a window sill can be an absolute nightmare.....:RpS_lol:
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how big was the window cill?to have a brake to do something else , wouldn't look very professional if someone was watching you think they'd:RpS_confused: be wondering if you know where your at
Don't think asian people go the pub guys.

Difference of opinions here......

I realised i should not have taken the job on once i had started. You shouldnt have to do that bit extra to keep the customer sweet, i dont think it goes a long way at all. You just get seen as someone who will do more just to get there money. Stuff that, were being taken for a ride.

Why do we have to lower our money? why do we have to do extra just to get our money? The trades become a mess !!
its its 5 mins extra work what difference does it make takeing a dado off only takes a couple of mins, one hit with a chisel behind it claw of the hammer and the length pops off, i can see what you mean about doin extra for nothing and i wouldnt do it if it was goin to take me a little while without chargeing but a dado is a nothing job to be fair
It's only a 5 minute job sometimes, but it can also bite you in yer ar$e by pulling the old plaster away if it is in any way unstable. Then - as YOU pulled it off YOU become responsible for all associated repairs, like having to fk off to the BM's for a bag of hardwall or whatever, then have to float it up, before getting on with the job you priced for :RpS_thumbup:
if i was the one having the work done id be the one doing the punching, leaving me in the s**t like that
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