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Hi can anyone recommend a decent plastering course ??? I live in oldham and looking at spending around £1000 on a course if i can get one for that amount ??

Id like to be of C&G level if possible as id like to take this up as a part time career inbetween my proper job

Anyone can help would be really appreciated

Need to contact me with any details please email [email protected]



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Goldtrowel for the course but shadowing or labouring on a spread prob the better option
Have a look at Goldtrowels website. They have their prices on there. You're looking at £1500 though for C&G alone, which would take 30 days - either weekends or weekdays
Thanks graham

Are they based in manchester though ?? Someone mention that lastnight but could only find the Essex training centre
Love CBD
As far as I know the Manchester one only does Venetian/Polished. For your basic start up you will want the one in Essex. Lot of people come from all over and stay at local B&Bs
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