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Seems lately I'm being asked to price for correcting poorly finished monocouche, the builders talk the internal plasterers into having a go at it then it goes tits up.
Nah buddy, just seem to be getting calls about it from architects and contractors, not something i want to get involved with however I usually advise base coat and 1.5mm bucket coat in same colour, it costs the same to fix as I have quoted previously for mono but was unsuccessful because of price.
Did you get sorted with your pump Nick? Sorry I couldn't have been a bit more help , I was up against it with holiday and all.
No worries atall mate. You were more than a helpful. The g4 is all fine. The genny however is dead. I took It up to les for the bad news. I just hired a genny for the remainder of the job. And all they did was moan about It taking a couple of days longer and wanted money off! Can't please anyone
Things are good, sometimes too busy then not enough, I'm sure you know the score. Give me a call if you get slack for work Nick, I've a nice big new build starting next week and it's holiday season for my lads.
Much appreciated but I am flat out till October at the moment. I'm starting one in Banbury soon as it happens
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