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just bought a new clamped rotor & stator from les ive only done about 7 ton with it and it seems to be worn already am using webber mono ive tried to pressure test to 10 bar but the best i can do is 6 bar ive even loosened it right off and started again to no avail .am i doing sowthing wrong or has the r& s had it cheers lads
Sounds like it's had it , have you got it clamped as far as it will go, we got 18 ton of weber out of our clamp, your probably spraying to stiff what's your back pressure when your spraying we spray nice and wet and in 2 passes
yeah monkey we spray wet in two passes ive got a utiform quatro same set up as a g4 thing is its at 6 bar on the pressure test then when its fully tightened it drops right down .will try even wetter tomorrow with new r& s cheers nmonkey
were getting 18 pallets out of a d63 clamp. did you do the middle one up and then just pinch the other 2 so the gap is the same down the clamp. what bar did you set the clamp at the first time?.
its brand new simps just got it off les 2 weeks ago he told me to set it up at 11bar which i did fine then test it every day giving it half a turn on all 3 nuts .to keep it at 11 bar worked fine then after 7th pallet started to stiff then watery i tightened it up again but made no differance if this one turns out the same i will be going back to the twister by the what do you normally use for monocouche i only ever used d63 think i need a change so as i can tell the differanse cheers simply
were spraying weber, krend, parex all using the d63 clamp and not had any problems. what colour have you been spraying. i here ivory does knock them about a bit .
As simps said set it to about 11 bar then when you need to reset it just tighten the middle bolt then just nip the top and bottom bolt up, your basically setting it on the middle bolt. I wouldn't bother with different R&S the D6-3 is probably the best then a D4-2
always tighten from the middle first to hold the stator in place then tighten top and bottom bolts to the same as the middle bolt and the messure to check there all the same a pump test will then confirm if your right
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