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Who.s worked for rich and famous . Following @Djr thread.
I once did a ceiling in house Richard or roburt huth had just sold in harrogate. Ex leeds player. I was third en to do ceiling as it been f**k*d up twice before. (No idea who was 4th lol) . Right gaff. Decorator was lining paper newly skimmed walls as they had f**k*d em up. Had some cracking gadgets in house. Lad who had bought it was about 45 and just sold some online security to a rail firm for a very large number with lots of 000000.s on end.
That's as good as its got for me what bout you lot


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Only seen him twice it was a new build in bramhall Cheshire when he was at man you many years ago


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Did Amir Khan’s last year, and done studio sets for Lawrence llywellyn bowen and Linda Barker. Worked for plenty of folk who aren’t famous but got stacks more cash than most famous.

Feck this

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Worked in Heart radio station. When Pat Sharp was there. See them editing shows.
I was just a young lab then.