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Hi guys, my names Sam and im a chippy. Have done some very small pieces of plastering before, but not much!

Got a question regarding some mould issues at my mums place and looking to get this sorted asap.

Last year she had some damp issues in a couple of rooms, lots of mould growth on internal skin of outside walls. A builder I know cleaned out the cavities and fitted some air bricks to help with circulation.

But now that winter has come back it seems the difference in air temperatures has caused it to return somewhat.

In her living room underneath the window i took the radiator off, and large chunks of plaster came with it as it had blown quite badly. I took more off until it was pretty solid, you can see this in the pictures on the right.

I was quite happy just patching up the damaged area with some multi, but know am more worried as on the left hand side as you can see some surface mould again forming, and the wall feels damp. It also feels ever so slightly damp where the plaster has been taken off.
It only seems to be an issue low down, and the rest of the plaster work from the window upwards is fine.

I need to get this sorted and re painted for her asap, the house seems to be plagued with mould!

(p.s I dont think my original post went through, but if it did then apologies for the duplicate!)

Please help out a fellow trade!

Thanks guys


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Hi sam what is on the other side of the wall,is it rendered?or is there anything else touching the building?


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Hi Kgreigh, its an outside cavity wall, brick faced. Had builders check the damp course last year and seemed fine.


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as regarding the mould. the spores from the mould are a health issue, spray the mould with dettol mould off. turn the heat up open some windows and keep furniture away from the wall. the mould is caused by water settling on the coldest area of the room. is your mother using a tumble drier with out ventilation?


Put some insulation onto the wall with insulated plasterboard but solid dab them so they don't condensate behind them
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