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Hello Guys,

As some of you may or may not know but I recently moved down from Milton Keynes to the south coast and after a couple of weeks of being down here and chatting to a few of the local tradesmen I started to hear about a company called Checkatrade and most of the people I spoke to were saying how great they were and about the amount of work they received from being a part of the Checkatrade system.

On the forum I have seen various comments good and bad about Checkatrade, so I decided to contact them and find out for myself exactly what the score was. After speaking to Kevin and asking a lot of questions about the business, he asked me if I would like to pay a visit to the offices and see for myself exactly what Checkatrade was all about. I decided that I would get a better view of the company and be able to make up my own mind as to whether they were just like all the other companies that are just waiting to take your money, with very little in return.

So guys hold on to your hats, I found out Kevin and his team at Checkatrade are different from any other company out there. They are not a lead generating company in the sense that they text leads out to many trades to start a bidding war.

I got the real sense that they are truly out there putting all of their resources into bringing consumers into contact with honest reliable trades by giving their members an incredible platform in which to promote their business to the general public. Everything they implement is for the good of both the consumer and the trades. They have over 70 staff, the largest majority being customer services which in itself says a lot, and from what I could see it really was a great set up and I was really impressed.

Yes there system does have a few flaws and a couple of trades have abused the system but they are constantly working with the members to make the service better and I honestly think that for the general public this is a much better way for them to find tradesmen rather than just pulling random companies out of the yellow pages or the local newspaper.

Checkatrade is growing and even though its is mainly down here on the south coast it is spreading across the UK and soon it will become a household name.

If anybody is interested in Checkatrade and would like to find out more please visit there site, in fact you are more than welcome to drop in and see them and I certain they will be more than happy to show you how they do things.

The other thing is that because I am constantly working to ensure Members of the plasterers Forum get the best possible deals and offers if you mention that you found Checkatrade though our site you get £50 off.

If you want to take Checkatrade up on this offer then please drop them an email at and they will be more than happy to help :)


All the Best



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