Cat infrared phone


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Love theses,ever since saw them can't get it out my head.
£600 ish ,worth the money ?

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I gott the cat S50 (the model before) which is really solid, bashed it a fair bit and not skipped a beat so isnt great though, dont know if theyve improved it for S60


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Is your crew looking for a butt double by any chance? I know just the man if the price is right!

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Yes, sorry about Fatarm , anyway about the phone Fir thermal imagine instant view , normally these are sold as just a thermal camera at roughly £1500 so to get that on a phone at £600, boom jobs a bob, I'll put link up later when on computer... On me Nokia at mo
just share the link of the video :D you can embed it by clicking the movie strip icons in the reply box :D