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Everyone is trying to save a few quid these days but it's driving me mad that everyone wants to pay cash. We all love a nice cash job now and then but what do you guys say to these people without putting them off completely, I will do it occasionally cos I'm sure the taxman would expect to see it.

I priced 2 houses (dryline/skim) today. about 4 weeks work for 2 plus1 and he wants to pay cash. I haven't worked since Nov. for various reasons, so need to get something in the books really. anyone got any advice or suggestions on what the best approach is.

Just tell them its fine to pay cash and run it through your books just wack it in the bank, just dont let them sway you into dropping your price for cash because thats what it all boils down too.
You working as a ltd co? or sole trader? If yr a sole trader, just invoice half or something... be creative!
I'm a ltd co. didn't really make myself clear enough, when I say cash it means cheaper to them. I don't dislike cash, I DO dislike cheap !!
Cash is King I will say it again Cash is King ; If your worried and I dont know why tell them to do a bank transfer into your account.
So they want a discount because they are paying cash i might try that when we do our shopping this week or when i put my books in tell the accountant i dont want to pay as much tax as it will be cash.
It's not that it worries me, but if they're sensible and getting a few quotes in and offering cash to all of them to keep costs down, then am I gonna lose out solely because I want to show the job in my accounts.
You really shouldn't discuss this type of topic on an open forum n and whose to say this guy aint fishin on behalf of HMRC, put everything through the books and avoid Jail
u could always try the i'll match any reasonable quote line, if its a crap price, say its ridiculously cheap and explain why, overheads van blah blah blah. I find it works
I never do jobs for "cash", obviously I accept cash but I never drop my prices for it, always tell customer it doesn't make a different how they pay me, its gong in the bank anyway.
You really shouldn't discuss this type of topic on an open forum n and whose to say this guy aint fishin on behalf of HMRC, put everything through the books and avoid Jail

just thinking that paul, everyman and his dog can see it.HMRC are skint so they dont need excuses to investigate you.

ive posted a while ago about a joiner, a pal of mine who i know that got found out in 2007, who was doing regluar cash jobs.
long story short, he had to pay it back on numerous projects hed done and they estimated how much other amounts they thought hed avoided, as he couldnt prove otherwise.
he had to pay nearly 12 grand by his next quarter which he didnt have so he had to remorgage his house.
they still go through his books now, when he submits them.
be warned, tax avoidance you get a slap on the wrist and a fine or repayment, you mess around with vat and your going to prison as if your a ltd i prussume your vat registered aswell. be warned.
It occurred to me that the thread might go this way. Tax avoidance by the tradesman is not the real issue i'm trying to discuss.
I was just asking how you guys deal with customers who are trying to encourage you to do it for readies, i.e no tax - cheaper for them.
We all come across it so was curious to know what you tell them without turning work away.
Tell them that tax avoidance is not something that you do as it is against the law.
yep but dont believe my banner.

tell them you cant go to tesco and fill up your car and ask to 'loose' the vat for cash can you so what makes you any different.
im the same as freerider i just say they can pay me how they like it all has to go through the books so the price is the same either way, i am not getting a fine or getting into trouble cos some tight git wants to save a few quid
but you can go to Tescos and fill up with cheap booze...... loss leader! he might get some more work out of it and lets hope he does
the point of this thread is if they pay you in cash they get a dicount so they are thinking because it is cash you will not put it through your books. If you carnt do it for his price then do not do it simple.
ive seen a bloke get ruined to the sum of 75k with the tax man so ill keep on doin things the way i do them it all goes through the books and thats how it should be, it has to anyway i want to get a mortgage so i have to show as much as i can.
start messing about with ya books and eventually they will catch u up i see it happen as i said and i dnt want that to be me
cash just means I am cheap and I dont have a fecking clue about running a business. It could also mean am on the dole
or my mate who works with me is on the dole so I dont pay him a lot. It could also mean they are very fast and can do it for the price who knows.
I get this all the time 'what's your best cash price mate?' I just say that was it. i just take the cash and put it in the bank, through the books, like jr says, i need to put everything through the bank if i ever want to get a mortgage...
Im in a partnership and we allways put everything through the books.
Everytime anyone asks me for a cash price i tell them that its £5 more per £100 as i have to pay more bank charges to put it in!!!!
They soon stop trying to haggle.:rolleyes)
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