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I'm after some advice on changing my career. I have done 14 years and still serving in the military. I am thinking of doing a level 3 NVQ plastering course with resettlement credits. Will I be-able to work for a company e.t.c after this and has anyone got any idea of potential earnings?
Thanks Lee
P.s I will be leaving around the Swindon area


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Hi lee, you could get in with a company or a small firm,but you'd be an apprentice,bit like some one like me in the army with no experience apart from marching to the shops, plastering takes about four years to be good enough in a few aspects and you spend the rest of your life learning ,the best thingis to get in with a small Gang maybe two plasterers and a lab and you will learn mostly on site, best of luck


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Yes best to try to get in with someone experienced,you will learn much more that way,good luck lee:RpS_thumbup:


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Yeah i agree with @johniosaif also do a google search for plasterers in your area write a letter to each of them with your cv make it personal tell them what your about and were you want to go with your career. Theres a lot of plasterers out there busy that dont think they need a hand till you plant the seed in there head! Good luck!:RpS_thumbsup:
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