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Yea the client needed a little creativity to fit his TV in with 2ft shelf on the floor and I came up with this
"If you say my shirt is horrendous again I will shoot you. ...with my fingers.":RpS_thumbsup:
@Fibrehand7 is on your case now pal and he's angry too !!!
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The mouldings on wall look in awkward position ? - mould around the TV where TV is more horizontal not vertical ? Maybe I'm wrong. I prefer TV into recess and DVD / sky into cassette type - I'd metal studding and board over to hide wires.[/QUOTE
The camera angle made it so it is a perfect shape a for a 45inc Tv
yeh.. always a black sheep in every family.. do these black sheep think we a simple over here ?
Ever had a trip or a fall and got injured and not your fault??
Then serves you right ya clumsy twart !! :RpS_laugh:
Fancy coffin, but it's not deep enough.
Did you have to walk 6 miles to the well to get the water for your mixes?
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